Enjoy Lisbon most Iconic monuments from where you'll feel like Home

To Know a culture is to Know its Food

Where to Eat near the Apartment

Portuguese Traditional Food

Portuguese Style Clams

Finger-licking Flavors

  • Worlds best Fresh Fish
  • Amazing Stews
  • Delicious Traditional Sweets
  • World Class Wines
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Vegetarian Food

Mixed Fuit & Veggie Salad

Where to find Veg Food

  • Freshest Salads
  • Veggie Bowls
  • Healthy Juices
  • Tapioca
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Burger & Beer

Craving for some Fast-Food???

  • Portuguese Bifana
  • Francesinha
  • Burgers
  • And a fresh Draft Beer (Imperial)
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Supermarket and Gorceries

Getting you daily shopping

days/week Traditional Market

Ajuda's Municipal Market

Traditional Portuguese Market with Veggies, Fruits, bread, fresh Meat and fresh Fish and even clothes.


days/week Local Supermarket

Centro Comercial Boa-Hora

A Local supermarket with everyday household products and a butcher inside. You can also find ready to eat meals.

days\week Supermarket

Pingo Doce

A Nation wide supermarket brand with your normal household products, you'll also find a butcher, a backery and a fishery inside.


days\week Supermarket

Mini Preço

As the name says, Mini-Prices on the various household products and also a butcher and fresh bread inside.


Local Portuguese Products

Our Olive Oil

Hand-Baggage Pack

Gift Size Beautiful Olive Oil Bottle

When you want to bring to your friends a gift from your travel or take Home with you but only have Hand-Baggage allowace.

For my Salads

Serving Size Bottle Olive Oil

A bottle to bring to the table in that warm family lunch and take you back to your Lisbon vacations.

Long lasting flavours

For your day-to-day

A regular usage bottle so that you can always remeber the tastes of Portugal at your table.



What can you see in the Area

Having fun when the lights go down



Parking your car in the city might be expensive but in this Area Parking is free, You just need to follow some rules.

Check the Map of suggested Parking Spots

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Sérgio's Contacts

Phone: +351 96 386 64 03

Phone: +351 91 952 60 35

Emergency Number

Phone: 112

Any type of emergency you can call 112 (FREE)

Nearest Hospital Emergency Service

Hospital São Francisco Xavier.

Phone: +351 21 043 10 00

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Nearest Pharmacy

Farmácia Boa-Hora.

Phone: +351 21 361 71 30

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